Everything but the Kitchen Sink


What’s different about EVERYTHING KITCHEN

We’re a family owned business that's been in the industry for over 20 years, and specialise in selling kitchenware and food related products for eating and drinking.

We have two bricks and mortar stores, one in our famous Bondi Westfield, and our newest addition in the beautiful Westfield Miranda.

In a store that stocks “everything but the kitchen sink”, it’s the people behind this business that make the difference.

Everything we stock we stand behind and besides trying and testing products ourselves for quality, design and craftsmanship, we offer a unique returns policy that allows you to buy from us with confidence!!

Finding brands is our thing!! We aim to be a one stop shop for existing top brands, but also be a destination that stocks the new brands of the future.

Going back to good “old fashioned” service, EVERYTHING KITCHEN aims to help you find the RIGHT gadget/knife/lunch box/drink bottle for YOUR NEEDS.


  • Whether your requirements revolve around gut health or being vegan, or you’re just after a healthy diet, COME TO US FOR ADVICE ON GADGETS TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE THIS.
  • We would like to help the earth by reusing SO WE OFFER A HUGE AND EXPANDING RANGE OF PRODUCTS AIMED AT “LOVING THE PLANET” including reusable coffee cups, drink bottles, beeswax paper, reusable straws and ziplock bags and much more.
  • Being a chef does not only mean working as one…. Many men, women and children have become “chefs” in their own kitchen. Our store stocks many of the worlds leading brands to equip professional and home Chefs.

We are excited to be part of your family’s meals and thank you for inviting us to your table.

Shop with us in store or online and build some new traditions with our friendly team while sharing your old traditions with us too.